The nutrition values I’ve shown in my recipes are approximate. I use a calorie counting app to estimate the nutrition values. You may want to calculate nutrition values in a different way to me, but I find the app I use quite useful.


I try to bake with gluten-free ingredients as much as possible. Many of my recipes use gluten-free ingredients as some of my family, friends and I want gluten-free food. If you need gluten-free ingredients, it is essential that you check they are certified gluten-free.


Please see this page .


All ovens vary, despite the technology and features of modern ovens. I have an electric fan oven, but with a gas hob. Each to their own, but I find cooking with a gas hob much easier to control than other types of hob. My oven is a freestanding double (side-by-side) oven and I believe it’s not particularly unusual. Your baking time and temperature may need adjustment by experience if your bakes are not cooking enough or are over-baked. The timings I show are for my oven. I believe it is a reasonably accurate one as I use an oven thermometer to check the temperature before I bake.