I guess that most people who bake have a variety of kitchen equipment, utensils, cutlery, crockery, etc. In order to save space for my recipes, I’ve omitted details of the equipment I’ve used, as I am assuming you will have sufficient kitchen and baking equipment. I’ll show details of equipment by exception if there is anything special needed for the recipe.

This is what I use for baking:

  • mixing bowls – large and medium
  • kitchen weighing scales
  • cutting board(s). I use separate ones for meat, vegetables, fish and dry ingredients
  • measuring jugs – large and small
  • measuring spoons (not essential but they are very useful)
  • sieves of various sizes
  • colander
  • chef’s knives of various types and sizes
  • cutlery and crockery
  • spatula, wooden spoons, vegetable peeler, potato masher, slotted spoon, frying slice, tongs, ladle, kitchen scissors, can opener, cheese grater, whisk (not electric)
  • saucepans and frying pan
  • bakeware:
    • cake tin(s). I use springform ones with removable bases
    • baking trays. I invariably use non-stick ones.
    • baking dishes (glass, porcelain, metal…) of various sizes.
  • wire rack
  • board and rolling pin (for rolling pastry and doughs). They don’t have to be wooden but mine are.
  • electric kitchen mixer, electric whisk. Neither are essential, but they make light work of mixing ingredients
  • kitchen timer of some sort, although I use the timers on my smartphone and my oven
  • oven thermometer. Not essential but I use one to ensure that I achieve the correct baking temperature as ovens vary
  • oven gloves
  • cake covers to cover the finished product when cooling (to stop insects from landing on your bakes!)
  • food storage containers / cake tins or similar, to store ingredients and the finished bakes
  • baking paper, baking liners, kitchen foil, cling film
  • chef’s apron (of course)
  • an oven…!