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Fruit and nut cake

My recipe for fruit and nut cake using gluten-free flour. This recipe is a variation on traditional fruit cakes. My recipe is with gluten-free flour, adds walnuts and has a nice combination of dried fruit. This cake is fairly light and not too rich. You can omit the walnuts and the flaked almonds... but it… Continue reading Fruit and nut cake

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Chocolate cake

My recipe for chocolate cake using gluten-free flour. The sponge texture is excellent and the whole cake tastes delicious! The basis of this cake recipe comes from a family member many years ago, which I've adapted to be gluten-free. The topping is optional. I've used milk chocolate, but you could for example, simply dust the… Continue reading Chocolate cake

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Shortbread jumbo biscuits

My recipe for shortbread jumbo biscuits, made with gluten-free flour. They melt in the mouth, hold together well and taste delicious. Makes 10 jumbo biscuits using a 63mm (2.5") pastry cutter, hence why these biscuits are "jumbo". These are big because shortbread is a one of my favourite biscuits, and I like them bigger than… Continue reading Shortbread jumbo biscuits

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Victoria sponge cake

My recipe for classic Victoria sponge cake, made with gluten-free flour and reduced sugar jam. Although the buttercream filling still has a lot of sugar in it, I've tried to reduce the overall sugar content. But I recognise that with the buttercream filling and icing sugar on top, this recipe has a lot of sugar… Continue reading Victoria sponge cake


Apricot and almond flapjacks

My recipe for apricot and almond flapjacks. They are moist in the middle and taste delicious. I've used gluten-free oats. Makes 16 flapjacks. Apricot and almond flapjacks using gluten-free oats Ingredients 440g gluten-free oats290g butter160g golden caster sugar. Keep 40g for cooking the apricots in the saucepan.420g fresh apricots2.5 tbsp lemon juice1 tsp ground cinnamon0.75… Continue reading Apricot and almond flapjacks

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Fruit and seed flapjacks (no added fat, no added sugar)

My recipe for fruit and seed flapjacks using gluten-free oats. These are an alternative to traditional oat flapjacks. They have no added fat or added sugar. Makes about 8 portions. If you want more flapjacks, scale up the recipe as required. Fruit and seed flapjacks using gluten-free oats, no added fat, no added sugar Ingredients… Continue reading Fruit and seed flapjacks (no added fat, no added sugar)

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Bread pudding

My recipe for bread pudding, a favourite of mine. This is a good way to use up old bread. You will need a very large bowl to mix all the ingredients. Alternatively, scale down the recipe if desired. Sorry, this is not a gluten-free recipe but I'm working on it! Makes 16 portions. Ingredients 550g… Continue reading Bread pudding